Boho Beach Boutique specializes in curating and sourcing unique, handcrafted bohemian chic and  stylish accessories from around the world. Each and every item that we sell on the site are “one-of-a-kind” products that are handmade by skilled artisans. For instance, the Colombian Wayuu Mochilas are hand woven by women of the Wayuu Tribe in Colombia, South America. Every one takes 20-30 days to complete, and each is unique. No two products are alike and inventory is limited.

These artisans use their craft to support their families, and/or indigenous tribes. We here at Boho Beach Boutique believe in a Fair Trade model, which is why we purchase everything directly from the artisans and/or their families. Everything we buy directly benefits the artisans livelihood’s and their respective communities. Therefore, the more products we sell, the sooner we can restock our inventory and purchase additional handcrafted goods from them.

We hope you enjoy these unique and gorgeous handcrafted items. Feel free to contact us anytime at Info@BohoBeachBoutique.com with questions and/or if you would like to talk about a Custom Sourced Order.